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The Elway Freedom to Ride Promise is our commitment to providing customers with peace of mind and exceptional value when purchasing a motorcycle from John Elway Harley-Davidson. Here are the key details of our Promise:

  1. Eligibility:

    • The Promise is available to customers who purchase a new entry-level motorcycle from John Elway Harley-Davidson.

    • The motorcycle being traded in must be in good condition with no major damage and have a clean and clear title.

  2. Timeline:

    • Customers have one calendar year from the date of purchase to trade in their motorcycle and receive the Elway Freedom Promise benefits.

  3. Trade-In Process:

    • Visit our dealership to initiate the trade-in process.

    • We will evaluate the condition of your motorcycle and determine its trade-in value.

    • The full retail value of your original motorcycle purchase will be applied towards the purchase of a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle from John Elway Harley-Davidson, minus taxes and fees.

  4. Limitations:

    • The Promise applies only to the trade-in value of the motorcycle and cannot be redeemed for cash or store credit.

    • It is non-transferable and valid only for the original Customer.

  5. Disclaimer:

    • The Elway Freedom Promise is subject to state and local laws and regulations.

Please note that these are just the summarized details of our Promise. For the full Terms and Conditions and any further inquiries, please contact our dealership.

At John Elway Harley-Davidson, we believe in providing a trustworthy and transparent experience. The Elway Freedom Promise is our way of ensuring that you can confidently enjoy your motorcycle purchase, with the flexibility to upgrade within a year. Discover the freedom and peace of mind that comes with our Promise.