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Best Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles For New Riders

Have you recently been introduced to or have a serious interest in starting to ride Harley-Davidson bikes? If so, our John Elway Harley Davidson dealership in Greeley has your back with all of the recommended bikes along with their features that make them so user-friendly. Our motorcycles are guaranteed to give you the enjoyable driving experience you have been looking for. 

Harley-Davidson Sportster Iron 883

The Sportster Iron 883 preaches a bit of security which bodes well for the new riders looking to begin their journeys on a new bike. The seat on this motorcycle is positioned lower so it is easier for your feet to be flat on both sides while riding. This may seem like a minuscule feature yet it is paramount for those who want to feel safe for their first go-round. It is a sporty liking bike yet efficient at the same time. 

The Iron 883 isn’t a heavy-duty bike, instead, it is a slimmer and smoother ride that panders to those who want to ease into the motorcycle world.

Harley Davidson Softail

When it comes to riding these bikes on the open road, one can’t help to think about what it would be like to go on an extensive and scenic road trip with it. The Softail is one of the ideal bikes to start your journey with because it has a scooped seat which provides you with a more comfortable ride. This low-to-the-ground seat gives you some more flexibility on the road along with the ability to sit up straight for optimal comfort.

Purchase Your Initial Harley Davidson In Greeley 

The Harley Davidson Iron 883 and Softail give you a sense of comfort along with a rejuvenating feeling of riding a quality bike on the open road. If you are interested in either of these bikes, please contact us at John Elway Harley Davidson in Greeley.