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Motorcycle Lending Faq

Can I get a loan for a Harley-Davidson Motorcycle just like a car loan?

The answer is yes.  John Elway Harley-Davidson has several lenders available to consider your request for a loan.  Just like buying a car, we can get you a loan and you can make affordable payments on your motorcycle until it is paid in full.

How much money do I have to put down in order to get a Harley-Davidson motorcycle loan?

Typically lenders like to see motorcycle buyers put down 10% of the price as a down payment on the loan.  Depending on your credit, you may qualify for a zero-down payment lending solution, but we advise putting down as much money as you are comfortable with.  Down payments help reduce the overall amount borrowed, the payment, and the interest rate.  

What credit score do I need to have in order to get approved for a Harley-Davidson motorcycle loan?

There is no direct answer to this question as there are many factors to consider.  There are 3 different credit bureaus that a lender could consider in determining your credit score.  There are also different types of credit profiles used in order to weigh the loan obligation against similar loans you've had in the past.  Your credit score with one bureau may be different than with another.  For this reason, we always suggest starting with the credit application and going from there.  Once we have an application for credit, we can work hard for you in getting you the right loan.  Keep in mind, we want you to have the loan you desire on a motorcycle from John Elway Harley-Davidson and we will work hard to get you approved.

Good Credit? Bad Credit? No Credit? Let us try!!!


If you've been approved, congratulations; now it's time for real fun.  The next step after your approval is either to pick up or pick out your new motorcycle. Some people prefer to know they're approved before they come in and look and for some, it's the other way around.  If you've been approved on the exact motorcycle you want, then you only need to call us and let us know what time you're coming in to do your paperwork.  If you submitted your credit application in order to make sure you could get a loan before you chose exactly which motorcycle you want to own, that's great as well.  If you're approved before you buy, just let us know once you arrive and we'll work hard to make sure we fit you for the perfect motorcycle.  Once we find that special bike, we simply work out the lending details and then have you sign your paperwork based on the approval you received.


Absolutely not.  If we run your credit and receive a declination from a lender, then we will try another lender and exhaust all our options.  We will fight for you by calling the lender and asking for conditions under which you can get the loan.  Sometimes this means a higher down payment is the answer, sometimes a lower term, and sometimes a less expensive motorcycle but we will get answers.  Occasionally we are unable to get you a loan with only you on the application.  If you can get a cosigner to go on the application with you, then we will resubmit as many times as you request with the cosigner's permission.  We also have lenders who specialize in lending to those with limited or challenged credit.  We've all had our ups and downs and we want to help you get back on your feet with a loan on a motorcycle.