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How to Make Riding Your Motorcycle More Comfortable

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The John Elway Harley-Davidson team is a community of bike enthusiasts who are here to assist you in making the most of your motorcycle experience. From helping you find the perfect new or used Harley-Davidson to guiding you through the riding process, we are all here for you. 

4 Tips for Motorcycle Comfort

    1. Wear the right gear

In order to protect yourself from the elements, you will need to wear the right gear. Thick pants, long sleeves, firm shoes, and eyewear will guard you from the heat of the engine, help you maneuver as you stop and accelerate, and shield you from the wind and debris. With this protection, you will be able to enjoy every ride.

    2. Ride with proper posture

Riding with the right posture will allow you to avoid muscle fatigue and soreness from riding. Proper bike posture includes keeping your back straight, wrists straight, elbows, and knees bent as well as leaning forward.

    3. Upgrade with a backrest

Harley-Davidson bikes are designed with passenger comfort in mind. Each bike offers design features that make riding comfortable whether it be a short trip or long ride. As your trusted Harley-Davidson dealership, John Elway Harley-Davidson is pleased to offer accessories that can elevate comfort as you ride. 

    4. Take breaks when necessary

It is important that you are in the right physical condition to ride. Whether that means you take a day off after a long trip or pull over at a rest stop when needed it is vital you take breaks when needed. A fatigued body will not be comfortable or safe to ride with so listen to the physical cues.

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