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The motorcycle experts at John Elway Harley-Davidson are passionate about rider safety. We are eager to help first time riders not only find the new motorcycle, that works best for them but also learn how to ride. At the John Elway Harley-Davidson Riding Academy, you will learn rider safety, best practices, and come away with a MSF BRC card and a waiver that will allow you to get a motorcycle endorsement on your license. 

What Riding Courses Does John Elway Harley-Davidson Offer For New Riders?

New Rider Course

If you are a first time rider we encourage you to check out our New Rider Course. This course offers riders classroom and hands-on training. During classroom time you will go over road safety and the mechanics of your bike, to learn about controls and proper gear. 

Your first day at the John Elway Harley-Davidson range will teach you all of the basics of riding including starting and stopping, clutching and shifting, turning and stopping. On the second day you will learn cornering, swerving and maximum braking. After the road courses an evaluation will be held to determine if you pass. If you pass, you will be ready for your motorcycle license!

3-Wheel New Rider Course

For riders who prefer a Trike, we are pleased to offer the 3-Wheel New Rider Course. The course is similar to our new rider courses but allows you to learn on one of our Harley-Davidson trikes. 

New Harley-Davidson for Sale in Greeley

Before hitting the road on a new Harley-Davidson motorcycle it is important you learn to ride. When you take a riding course at John Elway Harley-Davidson you elevate your safety and the safety of others on the road. When you are ready to find the perfect bike, visit our dealership and we can show you our selection of Harley Davidson motorcycles for new riders. Our dealership is conveniently located near the Greeley, Milliken, and Johnstown areas. With any further questions do not hesitate to contact us online.

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