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Harley-Davidson Recall Lookup and Service

At John Elway Harley-Davidson we know how important it is to have your motorcycle in the best condition possible. When recalls keep you off the road, we are here to keep you safe and get you back out and riding. Our Greeley area riders can be confident that they will receive timely and quality solutions for all of their service needs.

How to Check if Your Harley-Davidson Has a Recall

Harley-Davidson provides a comprehensive recall database for all motorcycle years and models dating back to 1999. All you need to know before you check if your Harley-Davidson has an open recall is the motorcycle's VIN number. 

A recall can occur if the manufacturer releases a new software update, decides that a model has a design defect, or if the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration determines that there is a safety issue.

To check if your Harley-Davidson has any open recall, grab your VIN and click the Harley-Davidson Recall button to pull up the database!

If your motorcycle has an open recall, there is no need to worry. Simply bring your bike to John Elway Harley-Davidson to get the process started. Your service team at John Elway Harley-Davidson is here to provide you with the parts or service to get you back on the road as soon as possible. 2

Schedule Harley-Davidson Service in Greeley

We encourage you to check out the recall database and stay up to date on Harley-Davidson news. The service department at John Elway Harley-Davidson is committed to keeping our motorcycle riders safely on the road. We are here to provide parts and service solutions for our customers. If you have any questions about an open recall on your Harley, give us a call at 970-557-7678. If you are ready to schedule an appointment, you can easily do so by filling out this form. 

With any further questions, we encourage you to contact us online. John Elway Harley-Davidson is proud to provide service for our Greeley and Northern Colorado riders.