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Winterizing Your Harley-Davidson: A Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Your Ride Ready to Roll


Think - A sweater for your motorcycle through the chilly season. And it’s about that time!


While this may be a bittersweet moment for most, it doesn’t have to be a pain too. Let us walk you through a crucial step in ensuring your investment is protected and maintains optimal performance during the next riding season. It's time to give some extra TLC to your two-wheeled partner in crime. Chill Out and Rev Up, with a Winter Upgrade Special at the Harley-Davidson Showroom


  • Avoid Battery Blunders:

Cold temperatures are particularly harsh on motorcycle batteries. There is the option of a battery maintainer or tender to guarantee it’ll be charged come Spring. 


  • Change the Oil and Filter:

Fresh oil = good engine health. Follow your motorcycle manufacturers recommendations when changing the oil and replacing the filter. (We’re happy to do it for you! Fill in this service request) Clean oil ensures a smooth-running engine by minimizing contaminants and providing proper lubrication.You do not want your motorcycle sitting in old oil for extended periods of inactivity. 


  • Stabilize the Fuel System:

The last thing you want when starting up your motorcycle in the Spring is a build-up in the fuel system. The solution to this is a fuel stabilizer, your number 1 solution to preventing clogs through the cooler months. To be sure the stabilizer works to the best of its abilities A. run the engine once you’ve added the fuel stabilizer to allow it to circulate through the system, and B. top off your fuel tank to stop condensation forming in the empty space. 


  • Lubricate Moving Parts:

Rust and corrosion? Here’s how to steer clear of it during hibernation mode! Apply a light coat of lubricant to the chain, cables, levers, and any other moving parts - as the manufacturer suggests. It’s as important to protect your Harley-Davidson from the elements, as it is to ensure the inside of the machine is operating efficiently. A little bit of lube goes a long way. However, if you skip this step we’ve got you covered with replacement parts just in case. 


  • Keep Clean, Always:

We can’t stress this enough, don’t skip giving your ride a good wipe down. Remove dirt, grime, and any leftover bugs from the open road, as any type of stowaway will encourage deterioration of the exterior - which can ultimately lead to damage to the interior. To finish, apply a wax or polish to protect the surface. 


  • Tires, Tires, Tires:

Inflate them to the recommended pressure, maybe even a smidge extra for that extra bounce. Consider placing your Harley-Davidson on a stand to relieve pressure on the tires, and if you’re feeling generous (and have the space), rotate your tires from time to time to prevent flat spots. Lastly, cover the tires or put something underneath them to spare them the cold surfaces. 


  • Storage is Key:

And preferably in a temperature-controlled environment. The top suggestion for this would be a garage, however it is not always necessary. If you’re having to make do with the outdoors, invest in a good cover for those below zero winter nights. The last thing you want to do is worry about your two-wheeled friend while you’re cozied up on the couch by the fire. 


While some might opt to cancel their policies during the motorcycle hiatus, this will likely do more harm than good. An option for those concerned about the cost is layup insurance - reducing the premium cost per month while still ensuring overall coverage. Although your motorcycle may be in storage during this time, the risk is not entirely dissolved. Damage or theft is still a possibility, as well as an unfortunate occurrence such as a flood or fire, and you wouldn’t want to be liable for either. Get a quote today!


In conclusion, Winterizing a motorcycle is a MUST. Why spend money on a decent powersports vehicle only to allow it to continue to decline in the winter months due to improper care? By following the above recommendations, your motorcycle will stay in top-notch condition. When it’s time to bring your ride out of hibernation, it’ll be rejuvenated and ready to roll! No winter blues at John Elway Harley-Davidson


Check out our latest video on Winterizing your Harley-Davidson, with our Service Manager Jesse for more suggestions!


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